Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Travel around

During my previous trip I also visited Peking. It was again very different from Shanghai or other places I have ever been to.. We took train from Shanghai to Peking, it was bullet train and took about 6 hours to get there. We saw many rice fields, mountains and yellow air during our train trip.
This is China:
First day arrived to Peking it was heavy rain... and quite late so we just went to Tiananmen Square and tried to go to Forbidden city but it was closed already, so we went to the park near it, it was pretty!
Pictures of the park:
And pictures from the Tianmen Square. It was most impressive moment of the whole experience of Peking, the rain stopped, sun came out and made the Square beautiful. I could feel the dark history of that place.

Have a nice Wednesday! 


  1. Great pictures as always. And omg, that cat looks really really angry. XD

  2. Amazing place! Lovely photos. Really stunning, can't wait to visit one day! ^__^


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