Saturday, July 5, 2014

The last of Shanghai and video tour around the city!

 I made a Shanghai travel guide video of one day spent in Shanghai. Well actually we spent only two days in total at Shanghai and then took train to go to Peking. I will tell about Peking trip at my next post. First let me share my last pictures of Shanghai.. It was interesting experience to see this place. I loved the neon lights and the mixed atmosphere of western and Chinese. There were also a lot of foreigners, but for some reason I couldn't feel at ease in Shanghai the same way than in Hong Kong. I thought the places would be bit similar, but I was wrong, I noticed that the gap between mainland China is huge.

There were many scammers, like two normal looking girls aske me to take their picture and then they talked with me very friendly and tried to get me to drink tea with them... but I read about these scammers before going to Shanghai, so of course I refused.. because if you would go with them, they bring you to some cheat cafeteria in which you need to pay 300 euro for one cup of coffee. They were good actors and I couldn't refuse to take a picture of somebody when they asked so nicely.. So take care of these scammers if you plan a trip to Shanghai. They can be everywhere actually, not only around Nanjing road, they are in Yu Garden and probably places where is many tourists.
 Din Tai Fung, the best Dumpling restaurant ever! There is also super friendly and helpful staff so I highly recommend this chain restaurant which can be found from other places like HK, Peking or even in Japan.

 Shanghai's whole sale shopping area with a lot of cheap stores selling clothes and accessories is at Qi Pu Road.

 There is some pretty cute and cheap clothes there, but I was bit shocked how dirty the shopping centers were.. I don't mean like old dirty.. but the floors were full of trashes, left over foods because the staff working in the clothe stores just throw away their trashes to the hallway... I don't also like to bargain, but in these shops you gotta bargain as much as possible or you have to pay super much for clothes which real value is just few euro.

Have a nice Sunday! 


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  2. Wow I didnt know that your blogging skill could be this good :D keep it up!

  3. wow the pictures are wonderful!

  4. Such beautiful pictures you took at night! They really make me want to travel to Shanghai someday, too.

  5. Lovely pics. Love all of your outfits. ^__^


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