Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beijing travel guide video and (a lot of..) pictures!

Travel guide video of my Beijing trip, feel free to see it and read the description box.
 Anyway let me share the rest of the summer palace pictures with you. Summer palace is worth to see even it is one of the tourist traps.. The atmosphere was still nice and the place huge so it is possible to spend a half day there.
 I met some lovely people during my Peking trip, like this granny and her grandchild Shushu. We met in the great wall of China when the little boy said me hello in English and I answered and waived to him. Then next day we were spending our time in the Summer palace when suddenly heavy rain and thunderstorm stroke. We went to one small temple to keep the rain and wait the storm to calm. Then suddenly the granny started to talk to me in Chinese. I didn't understood but luckily I got my personal translator with me so we could have a conversation. She asked if I remembered them from the great wall of China, and e were all very surprised to meet again under such a condition. It was fun we chat a long while with this kid and the granny and when the rain ended this smart 5 year old kid said so touching words: " It doesn't matter at all anymore that it was heavy rain, because of that we were able to meet again." That's how it was. They were sweet people from countryside.
Then in random order, Lama temple (Yonghe temple), forbidden city (which was the worst tourist trap and I won't recommend to go there at all), Wangfujing street another horrible tourist trap to avoid and The Place nice shopping centre with biiig screen outside showing nice movie when it becomes dark.
This was view from our hotel room. Bejing city youth hotel. I can recommend that, very clean and cheap. 

Have a nice Friday!!


  1. Such amazing photos, thank's for sharing them! The video was really nice as well, you're so cute! ^^ Makes me want to travel to a new country soon!

  2. Awesome photos ! I want be there ! ; D

  3. the photos are lovely! and i love your outfits too, especially the yellow dress, very pretty.


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