Sunday, June 22, 2014


Hello my lovely readers, I feel such a bad blogger as usual since so long break of updates... One of the reasons was Hong Kong-Taipei-Shanghai-Peking-Hong Kong travel... I was there about 3 weeks and came back to Finland one week ago.... In Peking I got cold and fever coz of crazy ice/rain/flood and so I have been whole week very sick.. Anyway I'm fine now and ready to share my experiences. It was my first time in Taiwan and first time in Mainland China so it was so exciting! I have a lot of travel videos and pictures! If anybody planning to travel to Taipei I will make update about my best shopping places and what I bought soon! :) and other travel guide related videos coming hopefully soon :)

Anyway let me first share random pictures of Taipei 101, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall and night markets etc.

Have a great Sunday night!


  1. 台北、キラキラだね。

  2. great pictures *__* <333
    The fishes are like "FEEED ME!"

  3. Waahh, you've been in Taipei! :D I've been there too this February and I loved this city so much. <3 I'm curious about your following posts about it. :) Let's see if we've been to the same spots. ;)


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