Saturday, April 12, 2014

HAMBURG, Germany

I traveled to Hamburg with my mom, sister and our friend. It was my first experience of Germany, so I really enjoyed it. We got very cheap flights from Finnair. They have good cheap campaigns going on very often, so I usually fly with Finnair to anywhere.
The purpose of this travel was to go to see the musical "Phantom of the Opera" We somehow like German language and it has been our dream for quite a long time to travel to Germany to see some musical (Phantom of the Opera or Elisabeth) Well I was super happy to see this musical in the stage for first time. It was wonderful experience, the actors were great. We saw it in the theater called "Neue Flora".
So what I would say about Hamburg is that the town is really cute, there is gorgeous church, small streets, lovely shops (especially interior shops),  which were full of eastern decorations (Eastern must be a big celebration in Germany??)and really friendly people. I'm impressed, I really got warm feeling about Germany. Here is few churches we visited
Then Hamburg had many beautiful Canals in the city, we found it or them randomly when we were walking around. 
We also visited this old factory area called Speicherstadt, it was beautiful I recommend to visit there
Then here is some random photography around: 
I really recommend to visit this cute small artistic area called Markstrasse. It has some nice vintage stores (Little bit pricey though) and some other small shops. There are many graffiti and art painted in the buildings and it's overall cool place!
Then we walked from Markstrasse to famous place called St.Paul. In St.Paul you can find the entertainment/red light district area with a lot of night clubs, erotic shows etc. 
Well we really wanted to experience the Reeperbahn at night, so we went there. 
 We ended up to watch transvestite show in one of those clubs. It was entertaining, the transvestites were good singers and had nice show... It was pretty expensive though lol.
Then about hotel, we stayed in the Retro style hotel called Henri Hotel, which location is very convenient just next to CA shopping center in the Mönckebergstrasse. 
This is what I bought: Many Haribo candies (for souvenir) because even normal super markets had so many option of these candies what we can't buy in Finland. Then I found cute pink shoes and few interior thingy. And for clothes, I found two one pieces and one skirt from vintage shops,here are links to their home pages: 
This is beautiful night view of Hamburg: 
 Feel free to ask anything since I'm not very good at explaining things in words.
Have a nice weekend everyone! 


  1. What a beautiful city! I really want to visit, thanks to your pictures! ^__^

  2. I'm glad you liked Hamburg :) I went to Phantom of the Opera in february and it was so awesome, since my parents named me after Christine Daaé when they visited the musical 20 years ago in the same theatre :)) Yes, Eastern is the second most important holiday after Christmas in Germany! Did you know that Hamburg has even more bridges than Venice? :)

  3. It' a beautiful city, I saw it differently the second time I was there.


  4. Great photos ; D Hamburg is beautiful ; D

  5. Ohh, you've been here. ♥ And so close to where I live. *_*
    Hamburg is a very beautiful city, right? I used so stay there a lot during the last years. Nowadays not that often anymore but I still love being there.
    And yes, I think there's lot of advertising for Easter holidays and stuff over here. And yes, it's also normal that you can get so many variations of Haribo at normal supermarkets. xD
    Phantom of the Opera is so great as a musical, isn't it?
    Well, I'm glad you had a good time here in Germany. <3

  6. Happy you enjoyed your first trip to germany - Hamburg is beautiful :)

  7. I love Hamburg - it is one of my favorite towns in Germany!
    The pictures are very pretty and you look like you had much fun!

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  9. My uncle live in Hamburg. I'm sure it's so nice city. ^^ Seems u had great time there! I hope you can visit Poland oneday! :)

  10. aww~ I'm glad you had a good time there❤ your pics are always so beautiful ^-^


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