Monday, March 10, 2014

Search for 3.11「ビッグデータ篇」 - Yahoo!検索 "Big Data" - Help Tohoku. Search "3...

I know many bad things and catastrophes and wars happens around the world all the time. Still 3 years ago March 11th the big earthquake and tsunami happened in Japan is still making me cry if I think about the victims. Yahoo Japan seems to have nice campaign and easy way to still give some help, all you need to do is just search "3.11" in Yahoo Japan.

Have a nice week everybody! <3


  1. It really was tragic what happened three years ago. Time goes by so quickly, but even though these years have passed, the people in that area still suffer, not to mention the problems that still persist with the power plant...

  2. I hope that there will be no more disasters in Japan ; (

  3. Yes, it made me so sad too and I was worried about my friends in Japan who were scared as well. Pity that Japan still have problems in Fukoshima area.

  4. It makes ma also sad, it was very tragic...


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