Friday, January 31, 2014

When the world was mine

This year will be my third year to celebrate Lunar new year. I got my first experience in Hong Kong, and second last year in Finland. I went to yesterday with my international friend group to celebrate the Lunar New Year! We saw lion dance and fireworks, it was very funny. Did you celebrate the Lunar New Year?

The celebration always reminds me about the lovely time I spent in HK. Really really miss that place! Also I cant believe it's been 1,5 year since I came back to Finland.. Oh my home time flies. I will share few pictures of the things I miss most in HK.
-Milktea (I's just the best milktea in the world)
-Dim Sum
-crowded streets
-weird funny events in the shopping centers
-markets and festivals
-mini buses and tram rides
-fisher villages and other villages
I want to wish happy Lunar New Year to all my Dear Readers! May this year of the horse be even better than the last one!


  1. So beautiful post! I love your outfit! x)

  2. you're adorable!! and the video was really sweet,you could feel a lot of emotion in it!

  3. Great photos ; D

  4. Geez, you always look so adorable! :D


  5. Happy lunar new year to you, too, sweety! ♥
    I loved the pictures and enjoyed your little video so much! :3
    Also cannot believe that your back in Finland for 1,5 years now. Time flies! :0

  6. I really love your hair! Sorry if that's random, but it's really pretty.

    Also, great photos. Hong Kong seems like an amazing place.

  7. Really beautiful post ! I wish I could celebrate Lunar New Year but I can't do it in Poland we even don't have any china town where I could go to celebrate it. I'm so sad because of it but I hope I can do this next year! Anyway, Happy New Year ! :)

  8. Das sind so wunderbare Eindrücke :) Tolle Bilder


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