Saturday, January 4, 2014

Goodbye 2013........ Welcome 2014

2013 was meaningful year. I got accepted into University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, so I could move away from the little countryside town where I needed to move for University in 2012.

So I left this city behind..........
and moved to here........ 
After starting the new University, I could finally get new lovely friends and say that life in Finland is not so bad. Because I had lot of troubles to try to settle down back to Finland after living abroad in Japan and Hong Kong. But there have been many funny events and going on's in Helsinki.

So I could say the year 2013 was the year of friendship, met many lovely new people and had great time with old good friends too during travels and in Finland.
Style check up of style has become more dark and retro recently.. but in 2013 I wore quite much pink and lace and pastels. 

Then to travelling... Well I was able to visit two countries during 2013. Russia and Japan (again and even twice lol)

So for Russia, it was first experience and I loved it.
Then I went to Japan during May, visited Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka for 3 weeks at that time. Then I went back to Tokyo again in November.

Japan is always inspiring and lovely, it give me energy and make me hyper. However my travel in November was quite dramatic. During that travel important person to me passed away in Finland, so the end of 2013 has been quite sad.

But I'm still very looking forward what the 2014 will bring.
My Targets for the year are at least:

-Hong Kong
-China (many parts)
-One semester exchange in Japan
-South Korea

I WISH YOU ALL DEAR READERS HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!!!! 皆さん明けましておめでとうございます!!


  1. Happy New Year to you, too, sweetie. <3 All the best for you and good luck with your goals for 2014! ^^
    Lovely summary of 2013 as well. I'm sorry to read that someone close to you passed away in 2013, though. :(

  2. Great photos ; D Happy new year ; D

  3. Happy New Year for you too! I feel sorry for you - the loss of a loved one is never easy to deal with - stay strong! Awesome 2013 review by the way :)

  4. Beautiful photos! ❤

    Happy New Year 2014! *✲゚*。⋆♡

  5. Hyvää uutta vuotta! ^^ Mitä opiskelet Helsingissä? :)
    Itseki asuin kaksi 2½ vuotta Outokummussa koulun takia ja meinasi kyllä pää hajota niin pienessä paikassa ^^'

  6. You had experienced a lot of event in last year.
    I wish you will have fruitfully days too ! A happy new wear !

  7. U had really great year ! I wish this year will be more and more better :)


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