Saturday, January 18, 2014

C'est la vie

I took so many pictures during my travel to Paris! It was the greatest reunion with Europe, since from 2006 until now I have been travelling only in Asia. Well Paris was amazing, it is definitely place where you should visit with your boyfriend/girlfriend! So beautiful old buildings, church's, delicious croissant breakfasts, lovely vintage shops full of cheap interesting items and of course Eiffel tower, it is best place to have cup of wine up there! and many many many other interesting lovely things to do and places to visit.
I was staying in Hotel London, it was great location in Opera station. 
Hotel De Ville, lovely place with great of vintage and pearl shops around.
Galleries Lafayette was beautiful shopping center with great observatory in the roof!
Forever 21 haul
Notre Dame was the most impressive place in whole Paris for me
Along the river side they sold many old books, great place to find some cute children books in French
view from the hotel window
This is brand I'm working in the Finland
I couldn't resist and bought these cute plates!
All my Dear Dear readers, thank you always for being there! I'm sorry that lately I had no time to reply for the comments, I will do it as soon as I can! Have a great Weekend everybody!


  1. Wonderful pictures! <3 it seems you had a great time! I love the picture with the mirror!

  2. oh wooow, the pictures are breathtaking :D waoh!
    Paris, très chic! I want to go there too >w<

  3. Thanks for sharing your impressions. I looove Paris, such a wonderful city! Now I'm in the mood for a french breakfast :)

  4. Beautifull photos ; D

  5. I need to go there. Love the pictures. Such beautiful.

  6. Thank you for sharing all those beautiful pictures with us! <3 I've never been to Paris (except for the airport). Now I really want to go! ;_;

  7. Your photos are so beautiful. I know very little about Paris, so thanks for sharing this lovely glimpse of the city ^^

  8. Awesome photos. Looks like you had a great time. ^^

  9. OMG ! What camera do u use ? That pics r amazing !!


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