Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good Bye summer, thanks for all the memories

Welcome Fall
 I will reply to comments and write comments as soon as possible!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

I'm Back!

Hello all my lovely readers!

How are you doing??

 I'm really sorry that I have been gone for so long! I didn't forget you, just I was too busy with this Cancam new generation model contest! Since my last update, I was updating everyday just my google+ account, because I wanted to pass the first audition of this contest! Finally in the end I could pass it in September 30th! I'm so happy about it, thank you all who supported me ^^ So because I pass the audition, I will travel to Tokyo again! Will be leaving in two weeks! Life is exciting!

Here is few picture of the contest during the time I was gone!
Anyway now I'm back at blogging again! I have been missing this really, but I was just too too busy to do it both, blogging and updating google+! 

Anyway, Fall is here again! It's so beautiful outside at the moment! Took some pictures today! ^^
Have a wonderful week!

Jacket: Hong Kong, Mong Kok
Skirt: Seppälä
Shoes: Dinsko
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