Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas in Finland and outfit

Christmas came and Christmas went. so fast.

How did you spend your Christmas? I really hope you all had wonderful one!

I'm so busy because of work so please be patient with me, I will reply to comments as soon as I have time! Thank you so much for always reading and commenting.

here is few pictures.
Knit: Second hand Shimokitazawa
Skirt:Serenade Shinjuku
Socks: Tutuanna
I Love Guardian Angels pins: Second hand
Then to the Christmas Eve pictures. In Finland Christmas is usually spent with family and relatives. There are many traditional Christmas food like Carrot casserole and potato casserole. Then Santa Claus visit many families and gives presents. I have small cousins so they got so many presents.
Have a nice weekend!


  1. Your outfit is so cute! <3
    The tree looks amazing! >u< And the food - everything looks so good! *A* I think around the world, Christmas is a time to be with family. c:
    Looks like you had a nice, cozy Christmas!

  2. ツリーキレイ!

  3. Merry belated Christmas to you, too! I hope you had a wonderful time. :)
    Love all the food pictures, haha.

  4. So beautiful photos! I can feel Christmas atmosphere very well x)
    You're pretty! ❤
    ✿ Rinako ✿

  5. Merry belated Christmas to you! I hope you had a wonderful time. :3
    I love your outfit!


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