Friday, August 9, 2013

Cancam model contest!

Hello all my lovely readers! ^^ How are you doing? I have been busy with work lately, but only two more weeks to go before schools will start again. Please be patient with my reply to all the lovely comments!I will reply as soon as possible!

Anyway I participated to this model contest of Japanese fashion magazine CanCam. It is very hard competition because it all happens in the social media, and I'm not very active in it. Picture which gets most +1 in google plus will win. It will last until October and it is possible to participate every day. So I will participate everyday.

Please give me your support, I need eeeeeeevery possibe +1! Thank you so much in advance! I'm super happy if you will help me out! I will upload everyday so if somebody is willing to keep supporting, thank you so so so much!

 You can +1 my newest picture here:

Have a lovely weekend everybody!
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