Monday, February 18, 2013

The Year of Snake and greetings in Cantonese

I know it's one week late... but Happy Chinese New Year! ^^ Last weekend I went to Chinese New Year celebration which was held in Helsinki. Well.... I can't say I was very exited about it because last year I was spending the real Chinese New Year in HK with great fireworks, holiday, fire dragon dances, normal dragon and lion dances etc with the real delicious foods and red pockets :D
But I think it was still very nice that even Finland has the celebration organized every year. It was very cold and snowy though.
I Just Miss Hong Kong so much... I'm not anymore sure if it's good idea to travel or at least live aboard... well it gives so much great experiences and lovely new friends, but in the other hand it leaves so big empty hole in your heart when you need to leave. Every time I think about HK or see some pictures I can't describe the feeling of longing which inside me. Same goes with Japan. There is some physical pain I can feel when I think about those places, the pain of longing is crazy! T_T
Anyway few things I miss most in HK are all the lovely friends I made there, all the endless adventures we experienced by taking trains every weekend to random places and go around photographing, Wanchai nights, all the people speaking loudly Cantonese, smell of smelly tofu attacking my nose in many random corners, egg tarts&bubble tea, the fact when I step out of my door there are million people around me, the feel of the lively life, neon lights, dirty old houses, shopping street near my school..... and so on, I could keep on this list!

Anyway my Chinese New Year promise is to spend next Chinese New Year in Hong Kong!!!!!!!!!!!

Well,i made small Video where I say Thank you about my one great year I spent in Hong Kong in Cantonese! Haha, sorry my pronunciation is so bad but I tried xD....

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Princess Etoinette

Long time no see! Actually I've been busy again..... but there are some posts I wanna do and will do after I have time! I spent Chinese New Year last weekend, will tell about it more next time too! ^^ Now finally my one week holiday has started, so probably I will have some more time to update.
Anyway, few pictures of this lovely new cute product my sister bought me from Korea.

It's product from Etude House's series of Princess Etoinette, which is including everything girly and cute! I got this highlight hearts and love it!
 Skin Check: Oh well I over applied the highlighter all over my face xD
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