Saturday, April 7, 2012

Girls Talk and 200 Followers!

First of all Thank you so much for following my blog ^^ So Happy to have reached 200 readers! Among my readers there are many Lovely bloggers as well who gives me the greatest Inspiration Thank you very much for that as well! So let's all keep it up and share our interests and ideas!

So I decided to introduce a little bit of myself coz many people don't know about me almost anything.
First I'm from Finland and my name is Kati. Well my real name is a lot longer, but I've been called Kati since I was a child so it's natural.

About Japan.I Love Japan, Japan is the reason I'm living for and I'm longing for it really bad.Before I was even entering elementary school I saw this anime called "Ginga Nagareboshi gin" (In english it would be silver fang) And after that I fall in Love with anime and manga. Started to learn how to draw it etc, when I grew up I am interested about Japanese culture, fashion and music and decided to go there someday. (yes I went through everything same than all Japan lovers, from Malice mizer, Gackt fanning, Visual kei J-rock, Lolita fashion period, cosplay etc) There is something about in Japan that I haven't find anywhere else in the world, the culture is so Special, unique, Lovely and overloaded CUTE! I want to have Japan in my everyday life, I want to be PART OF THAT LOVELY country and Culture even I'm a foreigner! Like when I was in to Lolita fashion and wore that kind of clothes in Finland, I got the mean sarcastic "PIKACHU" comments, now I can only laugh about it but I know there are many young girls following Japanese fashion in Europe and they probably get the same hateful reaction from the people who just don't understand how Japan is Great and also the people who does love Japan goes on spreading the hateful words about Weeaboos. It don't make sense..

About Fashion. I graduated fashion school in Finland one year ago. I Love Fashion really much. Especially street Fashion, no matter people would follow trends, copy celebrities styles or other people style etc, I Love it how everybody end up to be an Unique in their own way. What I mean is one person buy piece of clothing she likes, and then combine it with something from her closet which makes it all interesting! How somebody match colours, piece of clothing, shoes, accessories, using their own preferences it ends up to be a creation of the special Look of it's own kind. I have my favorite models and celebrities as well, I also read a lot of fashion magazines mostly Japanese, like Jelly, Vivi, Nuts Nonno etc, but I don't blindly follow any style or genre of fashion. Streets inspire me the most (especially in Tokyo) If I like some clothes and it's affordable price, i will buy it. It's simple, I don't really care if all the people around me wears the same clothes or totally different clothes. Everybody is still doing it in their own ways.

About Beauty. I was bullied in the school in my teenage years a LOT because of how I look like? I don't know, because of my weird clothes or non make up face or friend group.. t's sad to see and hear the people complaining about themselves, how they are too "fat" or ugly or have a too big nose or whatever. But it's more sad to see bullies going around no matter it's Cyber bullying, school bullying, and telling other people how they are bad or annoying or ugly or about trying to find something positive, something BEAUTIFUL, in everybody... It's not hard. Every girls has their beautiful side. There are no ugly people, everybody is just unique and the people around has their own preferences which makes them to think people not fitting their own taste or the taste Media has created are Ugly. I'm not any inner beauty follower, I'm pretty superficial and yet I find a beauty around me in everybody. I HAVE BORN WITH this body of mine. With this face of mine. It can't be helped! So instead of wasting time making myself feel bad about how I'm not enough pretty or not enough skinny, I've finally reached a certain age where I've find a balance in who I am and how I look like. It's been nearly 10 years since I was 13 and the ugliest girl on the planet. Because of those teenage bully years, I had many problems for years,even walking in a public place alone, was scary and uncomfortable and got Panic in the crowd.. But now I'm living Alone in Hong Kong, and walking in my own Feet in my own Paths in these most crowded streets in the World. I want to discover with this Face of mine.

About my other Interests.I woke up last March 11th, in the Horrible Earthquake and Catastrophe which had shook Japan, to see how everything might change in a seconds, from paradise to fear.(at that time I was living in Japan) So from then on I finally understood how I have to appreciate life itself. There is so many Positive and beautiful things, moments, feelings in everyday life. That's the point when I started photography. I want to Catch the Beautiful moment in my Camera. Now I have this Hunger for Life. It's great to be still young,make mistakes and have a lot of dreams, make a new dreams after reaching or not reaching the old ones.

About Blogging . I started this blog in 2010, but at first I was not serious about it all, just really random small posts for my friends,family in Finland to see how it's going here aboard. But when I came to Hong Kong,I had too much spare time.... No sewing machine not really much anything to do... But I got really much positive feed back from the people I don't even know about my style and Make up.....So I decided to start to share it in this Blog. And recently when there came more followers I tried to do more interesting posts about what people might be interested in. Also the Name of the blog is so poor English and embarrassing so I will change it in the near future.

Oops, became so long post. I'm not good to put my thoughts in to words (especially in English), and it sounds quite cliche what I'm talking about so from now on also there will be pictures in this blog instead of talking. 

This Make up style is inspired by AKB48 member Tomomi Itano, This is what I'm talking about, I try to follow the Make up style or look of somebody else, and see how it becomes different and Special in my face. Or in the face of anybody else than the real her.


  1. Congrats on 200 followers ~ It was a nice read and you're very pretty! ^^ ♥

  2. Congratulations on 200!! Looks like I"m your 201th follower hehe!

    Wow must be amazing to go to fashion school!

    Btw love your makeup~ so dolly and cute!

    1. Hehe, aww Thanks <3 Yes the Fashion school was very interesting :D

  3. I'm so glad you got 200 followers. You deserve it ;P
    Keep up the good work :>

  4. congrat on 200 followers!!and you are so pretty!!! you mean you was bullied in HK school??International school??? They're so bad :( If you were my classmate I would like be your fd!! cuz I love your style <3 haha

    1. hehe Thanks <3!! oh nono, I was bullied in my own country in Finland..It's very common to have the kind of bad things in the schools of Finland. But I've heard that in HK there is not so much bullies in the schools coz teachers are very strict, is it true? :)

    2. There are bullies only in some bad HK school... most of the schools won't have it ;) and Now you are living in HK ??:)

    3. Ohh sounds very nice :) I've met only nice people during living in HK as well ^^ I came to here one year ago, but unfortunately I have to return to Finland next month :(

  5. Thanks for sharing all this facts about you. It was really nice to read them.
    I was bullied to in my school time too. Mostly because I was different, I think. In style and everything. In this time it was really hard for me first... but then I learned to live with it. I like me how I am. For sure not always, but if you look at all days, mostly I am pretty happy with my look and all that. I think it's normal to feel like that when you get older. And it is for sure a nice part of getting old, haha!

    I think things like this can make someone even stronger. So today I don't care that much about others thoughts. I wear what I want. Have no problem to walk around in Lolita or other things. I believe you can do such things only when you're strong in some kind of way.
    Ah, it's so hard to tell in english...

    I totally understand your love in street fashion. I love to watch how other people style themselves. That's such a big inspiration.

    I also understand your hunger for life. In a different way, but I understand it so much. There is still so much I want to do and I love that I still can't say how my story will end. I'm young and everything is possible. Such a great feeling!

    I like your pictures in this post! Very pretty! A bit softer than your usual make-up. Looks lovely!


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