Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day

Today's outfit: Black Korean style shirt, Pink lace skirt and the black collar again.
 Also coz it's spring I made Sakura, Cherry blossom Nails
Detail of the Skirt
Then few Pictures I took in the streets of Hong Kong


  1. hehe thanks, it's Cherry blossom season in Japan now so I felt like doing the kind of nails :)

  2. LOVES your peter pan collar!! I bought mine on ebay but still haven't recived yet. (all your pictures make me miss my home so much lol)

  3. The cat-picture! Omg, I love that a lot! So great!

    Also love your cute nails. So nice. And your skirt is super girly and pretty. Looks wonderful on you~

  4. true i say , my dream is wanna see a real sakura flower , and touch it .. but im too far from there , im malaysian .. hemm v_v


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