Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GIVE ME Brown Eyes

Did you ever think how Japanese made these cute characters like STICH, Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty etc even More Cute than they are originally?? Well the secret of that is; The Brown eyes instead of black ones....Brown makes the look much more soft!  Let's see if this cuteness miracle can happen with human eyes as well...

I made Brown Make up using Brown Pink Mascara bought in Japan, Brown eyeliner from Dolly Wink and the Brown lashes as well.
How do you think of this Make up?
 These new series of EYEMAZING has so cute brown lashes
 So the ones I use in the picture is THIS
 And for more natural look, I added Pink Brown Mascara on the top of the lashes


  1. I really love that look!
    I bought brown lashes a while ago (actually some month ago...) but I heven't used them yet.

    Now I really feel like I should try it! Looks so great!

  2. Oh WOW!
    Brown is such a nice option if you don't like harsh black ♥
    I like this! And the look is really pretty

  3. Thank you! I often thought about using brown eyemakeup, but I never did it... but now I see how georgous you look with it and want to try it too! <33

  4. Thank you guys for the sweet comments, I really recommend to go for Brown Lashes&Mascara!!! <3


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