Friday, February 10, 2012

Preparing for Valentine's Day

Soon it will be the Lovely day of couples and friends; Valentine Day! Hong Kong has many Valentine themed decorations for example in the Harbour city! There was an exhibition where everything was made of real Chocolate, it was so NICE smell!
Yes even that's made of chocolate as well!

And here are some other Valentine decorations:
 Point of Fashion:


  1. I haven't been to HK in so long, but it seems like when it comes to holidays and celebrations they're getting more extravagant every year! The decorations are amazing, I can't believe that birdcage style decoration is made from chocolate!

  2. Yummy! Tekee kaamiasti mieli suklaata nyt. ;P
    Ja tuo siun musta-punainen mekko is to die for. Ja nuo napit siinä edessä ovat niin söpö-nöpöt. Awww! <3

  3. Made of real chocolate? Oh yummy! So amazing. It must have been so much work to produce this things. Really great!


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