Monday, February 27, 2012

Love for the Rising Sun

Big delay of updates has it's reasons.... I was travelling in JAPAN! Just came back to Hong Kong last night, so from now on I have suuuper much to post about my past Seoul and Tokyo travels! But I took over 3000 pictures, so it will take a bit time to see those through.

Part of my shoppings!!

I have nothing else to say but I LOVE TOKYO, and JAPAN too much T_T I wanna goo baaaaaack!!!


  1. I love all your posts !! ♥
    I love japan too much too T_T
    saving this whole entire year so I can go back next year!! ♥

  2. Ah, it must have been so great for you to be back in Japan. Since you missed it very often.
    I hope you enjoyed the time a lot!

    Can't wait for the pictures you made ^__^

  3. woah))
    there are some russian anime stuff among ur purchases ^_^


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