Monday, January 16, 2012

The Year of Dragon

Soon it will be Chinese New Year! And the next year will be the year of Dragon!! (I'm Dragon too by chinese horoscope!)  Now every place are full of traditional chinese decoration and stuff, dragons, red, gold and colorful everywhere!
Cute animals etc where made of paper! Like origami! Many kids were looking at those!


  1. Chinese decoration is so beautiful! I really like this strong and bright red <3 The kids are also so lovely *O*

    You look as cute as always~this skirts suits you perfectly!

  2. it looks beautiful *_* especially the paper-dragon and the cherry blossom trees. the kids are so cute :D


  3. *-----* I love chinese decorations specailly by the colors*-*

    The Chinese new year is coming*-* Soon we´ll have the Chinese New year party hear in my country ( Brazil) yayyyyy

    You llokso cute <3 I loved your coat

  4. Super cute fotos as always, Kati! We also celebrate chinese new year, my mum is from Vietnam, it is the most important feast in South-East Asia XD

  5. Such pretty photos! Yay for Year of the Dragon! ^o^

    ~ Kieli ~

  6. This paper-animals are really great!

  7. Wow! Chinese new year! Seems fun! Do you get red envelopes?

  8. I miss China! T_T You're really lucky to be able spending the Chinese New Year in China~~


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