Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tram Ride

Few pictures of todays outfit! And  Lovely HK Tram..


  1. First of all, thanks for your nice comment! I was so happy to read it- and sorry my comment is a little late! (_ _);

    I really live your hairstyles always! you should do tutorials XD but my hair isnt as long as yours anyway.... ( ;_; )
    im always interested in your many pictures! thank you so much!! <3

    do you want to go back to japan someday? :-)

    oh! if you want, please check out my new post about japan! i would be so happpy about your comments(><) <3

  2. Lovely pics! Thanks for sharing :3

    ~ Kieli ~

  3. You look super pretty Kati! :) Your outfit is so well coordinated!

  4. You look so wonderful! The top with the skirt is just perfect and I loooove the overknees! It gives an innocent but also an sexy feeling.
    Very nice!


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