Monday, January 9, 2012

Relaxful Weekend wear in the Diamond Hills

In the place called Diamond Hills, there is this super lovely japanese style temple!
Went there last weekend, Anyway, to the point; I have this very normal huge loose Tricot shirt.. (Bought from Gina Tricot) The fabric is soft and feels so nice! But for me it's more like a roomwear... but since it was weekend I wanted to have some comfortable clothes on so I decided to wear it outside.. so I combined it with few assecories and Polka dots and it actually became a wearable piece of clothing.


  1. The shirt looks very comfortable. Together with the polka dots it looks like a very nice daily outfit~

    Headbow and shoes have nearly the same color, that looks great.
    And the skirt is sooo pretty!

    + the trees are looking awesome~~

  2. the polka dots and the colour of the shoes match! very cute and casual looking outfit, I loveee it <3

  3. why do u have to be so cuuuuute? :D

  4. You look adorable! And I love the photos! :)

    ~ Kieli ~


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