Monday, January 9, 2012

Make Easy Curls

I tried this first time and here is the result:
 Got this kind of hair thingy as a christmas present, I liked it so went to buy another one too!
 This is how it looks like:
 So I put two of them in the both sides of my head like this
 Slept one night (since my hair don't get curly very easily coz it's super straight naturally)
And in the morning my hair was like this:


  1. My hair is naturally a bit curly and it is so hard for me, to get it straight! The total different problem, haha ^__^

    Your hair looks great with curly style~

  2. That's cool! :] I'm like you, I also have super straight hair naturally and it always was hella difficult to get it curled before I cut it short. Maybe I should have tried this little thingie. ;)

  3. looks awesome *_* gonna try it...*searchs on ebay*

  4. looooove the curls! i just wish this is available in our country ):

  5. Whaat! Vähänkö hieno keksintö!! Hei mitenkäs toi nyt sitten käytännössä toimii? hiukset pitää rullata ton jutun ympärille? ja pysyyy sitten nukkuessa hyvin päässä? :) Mistäköhän tollaisen saisi hankittua? :)

  6. Gorgeous hair! It suits your face very well =) Really pretty! ^-^ I have the opposite problem and would love to have straight hair xD

    ~ Kieli ~

  7. I WANT IT >w< my hair is really straight and it so hard to curl it too >.<
    beautiful hair anyway :D



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