Tuesday, August 30, 2011


New Coveralls from Cheap store in Mong Kok, 60 HK Dollar
Harry Potter Glasses 50 HK Dollar Mong Kok Ladies Market
Stockings from Lindex Finland
Wig 9000 yen value wig bought in Mong Kok Ladies market with the true Value of 1000 yen (100 HK Dollar)

Impulse Buy One Piece

While my sister was in HK, we bought together matching one pieces from a cheap store in the street... She bought Blue version and I pink one... Unfortunately we didn't wear them together in the end.. The dress was very cheap just around 50 HK dollr (5 euro) But we couldn't try the dresses in the store.. so trying it in home we noticed it's a way too short for a tall westerns =_= well.. should wear something under it for going out... anyway here is few pictures of the dress:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crazy sisters Tour (Part 2)

Fish balls with rice noodles
cows Tongue...
Frozen Yoghurt
delicious meat
We visited the same temples I went few weeks ago for chinese ghost festival;

Dragon shopping centre
heavy rain
Game centre with my sisters friends

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Crazy sisters Tour (Part 1)

First I will apologize that I haven't been updating this blog for a quite a while...The reason for that is that first I was sick almost one week... so did nothing but look like a zombie and lye down in home... then after I got a bit better, my Dear Sister Lina-chan came to visit me in Hong Kong!! We had super hyper wonderful and fun time together!! She was here for an 4 days and now she went to Korea for two years to study... Gonna visit her soon there!! I always wanted to go to Korea!! Anyway, we were just goin around the best spots in Hong Kong, be baka together, eat many chinese dishes and just enjoy the Hong Kong atmosphere!



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