Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Welcome Winter

It's been already a while since I got Decembers Jelly to my hands! But since I have no skanner, all the pictures are from internet.. Anyway,

                                    THIS IS WHAT THIS FALL/WINTER IS ALL ABOUT
(It's so warm in Hong Kong so I can't really imagine it's already December though..)

1) The world of fall/winter colours
Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Brown

2) Huge Knits

3) This kind of skirt which was in already in last summer

To be continued... Post about Hats and Collars Coming soon! :D 


  1. What a beautiful outfits! In looove with the shoes and pleated skirts!

  2. wowowow~
    so nice! i wish i could live in such a big city, or tokyo that i could buy always so fashionable clothes><

    i hope you post next time again pictures of your face!!! :-))

    if you have time, please check out my new blog post, i would be very very happy!! <3

  3. So many cute things! I'm totally into cute collars... so a lot of things are like perfect for me *_*


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