Monday, November 14, 2011

I just wanna Have Fun

From now on I'll make this blog come back to a life again. there has been a huge lack of postings already for a several months, sorry bout that, will fix it now. Better late than never or how do you say it in english xD

Anyway, I've been shopping! New Items, Wine red skirt and the big ribbon in my head.
Old items, shirt from INGI Japan,Stocks from ZaraBelt from second hand store in Finland.


  1. You look so super pretty! I missed reading your posts Kati! How have you been doing lately? XDD

  2. Thank Thao: I'm greaaat Thank you! How about you?? ^^ I'm very happy to hear that ^^ Will try to make some intresting postings from now on!

  3. I like the skirt a lot. The combination looks great!

  4. omg .. kati you super cute !! you know well .. im just say it you CUTE . .. how lucky you are at there ..


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