Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting Christmas mood already!

Like most of the Finnish people start Christmas preperations very early, so does I. This year I will be happy to go back to Finland for a week to celebrate Christmas with my family,relatives and friends. Looking forward to it, actually I guess I've never been as excited bout goin back to Finland than this time.
Hong Kong has turned into Christmas mood already as well, see from these pictures!
Also My outfit of the other day Is Inspired by Death Notes  Misa Misa (expect the Puma shirt xD)! Anime and Manga can be a real inspiration for a normal daily Dressing!

My Strawberry knee socks


  1. I love your outfit and you look so pretty! The christmas decoration is so beautiful~ <3

  2. You look super super cute!!!! And can you please steal one of those adorable Alien Plushies from the tree, it's my fav character from Toy Story!!! I tried to catch one from the UFO in Japan but couldn't, lol XDDDDDD

  3. so cute!When you coming back to JAPAN?:D

  4. cominica: Thank you so much <3 <3

    Than Thao: Thanks for a nice comment ^^ Aww, I will steal one for you <3

    Rina: Thanks ^^ I will be visiting Japan next time in March <3 <3

  5. Christmas decorations in Hong Kong are so heavy and full of fantasy! I like that a lot. Here is everything so traditional... I want to see more special trees and decorations like in your pictures. So funny and cool!


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