Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fashion for Fall

This is my new Love; Tiger knit whith this autumns hit colours (I couldn't stand this yellow before I saw every single japanese fashion magazines full of it)

Already November and December issues of JELLY and Nuts had this same tiger knit on their many pages, so I just had to get my own!

Skirt is from Second hand store in Hong Kong, The ribbon in my neck is actually hair accesory from H&M

Socks and socks accesories are bought in my favourite sock store Tutuanna

With these lovely fall colours Happy Autumn for everyone!

I know it's suppose to have been autumn already for a while... but it's difficult for me to think about it since Hong Kong is still so hot that I can go outside with summer clothes...
Also this make up inspired by Nuts December issue
 Few pictures of my tiger shirt in JELLY: (sorry bout the bad quality I don't have a scanner)


  1. Nice pics!!

    What kind of flash is that a picture of?

  2. Arina <3 <3 Thanks :D
    That light is actually for a taking Video :D

  3. Super great outfit! Skirt and knit are perfect together!
    I still don't like this kind of yellow so much on me. But you look very adorable in it!

    And the make up is different to usual... but very cool, I think!


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