Saturday, November 19, 2011

Barbie wears Chinese design

At the moment there is a nice christmas Barbie exhibition going on in Times Square! There are many barbies wearing dresses DESIGNED by Guo Pei, here I've post about her before:
Barbie house
 Here are the dresses Designed by Guo Pei


  1. u really look like a barbie doll. you're gorgeous and so is your outfit... <3

  2. u look like a barbie to me XD. So cute! I always I love barbie when I was a little girl
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  3. Gellie Abogado : Thanks, that's sweet <3

    ~KawaiiParadise~ : Thanks <3 <3 Hehe Barbie used to be my Idol too when I was a kid!;D

    lovepirate: yeah very nice exhibition :D <3

  4. Guo Pei makes really awesome outfits *___* So full of inspiration!

    Also like your outfit a lot! Super cute shorts!


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