Thursday, October 13, 2011

Korean style Face Magic; SECRET; BB Cream

It's so IN Now.... BB Cream and the Korean cosmetic products! I bought mine from a little bit cheaper store Etude House... But BB Cream is amazing, first the Aura Base and then the BB Cream and Vola, you'll get perfect skin... Well ok for the better result I still prefer to add a powder so that the skin won't look oily.. If somebody don't know yet what it is here is some random link from internet which gives a good information bout BB cream.  I don't believe this gonna be already too white finnish girls favourite product though.....

Make up base made with these three products;

Bought my Powder from Nature Republic:
It has 4 Colour in it and makes the skin more pale!

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  1. I use BB Creme too. Since 3 month maybe, we've got new line of BB cream in Germany. It's the first time a brand called it really "BB Cream", like in asia.
    I use this now, because I can buy it here. Not shipping & so on.
    I was so happy, when I saw the spot on TV for the first time. Haha, happy and heartbeating moment as if I've seen my favourite band or so xD


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