Sunday, September 18, 2011

When the Sky was Blue

This saturday we headed to old stylish Villages Sheung Shui Wai and Failing Wai. It was built in the year 1646.. So very old and amazing. Hope you can feel the atmosphere through these pictures
Behind these gate there is still many people living in the Failing Wai village.
Very chinese style houses
Entrance to the chinese house
There is still people living in this super old house.
Again one entrance to the normal house in the village.
This Skirt is new from Second hand store in HK! Just 19 HK Dollar (bit over 1 euro!)
Sheung shui Wai had some creepy houses too... I can imagine many ghost stories in this Village.
 Then we had some chinese Dishes too;


  1. Tenha um ótimo domingão para você, $:
    Beijos !

  2. you take really amazing pictures!! *0* <3 really nice place!!
    You look so cute!! :D <3

  3. Thank you all for nice comments <3 ^^

  4. The sky is so blue! That's really pretty.

    Your skirt is so colorful. Perfect for summer ^__^ It gives a fresh feeling~


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