Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Love Korea; Cultural part and YUMMY Food!

Lovely lovely loooovely Korea! I will try to make you hungry with this post;
It's easy to become millionaire with Korean money hehe since one euro is like 1000 Won :D
That cute Hello Kitty is actually Bus and Train Card, Like Suica in Japan :D
And next station would be??
Daerim station where I stayed!
cute cookies
Hangul Neon Lights
Korean chopsticks are metal and so flat
Yummy Dumblings
Korean sushi
Can't understand a word of this menu!
The wires remind of Tokyo
Obaachan selling something spicy on the street
Cat cafes mascot were in a hang over...
The guys behind me are happily showing peace to the camera lol
people sleeping in the train
Guardians in the Castle
Went to the temple near at my sisters school at the middle of the night... was so creepy...
cold noodles
Chicken filled with rice in the soup


  1. woah~ Korea looks like a beautiful country with lovely places and delicious Food! ** I love Kimchi so much!Have much fun and you look as cute as always! <3

  2. OMG... all the food! Hungry again... haha

    Korea looks so interesting too.

    The pictures with the wires is so... omg. What is happening, if any of these won't work? xD You would never find the broken one xD

    And the piccu with the mascot is so great. A cat is sleeping so many hours a day... so it's like a real cat, haha


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