Wednesday, September 28, 2011

KOREA Street Snaps Part 1 ; Glance at the Fashion in Seoul and Hanbok

I was super lucky to visit my sister and friends in Korea this weekend! I went to Seoul last thursday night and stayed until this monday.... I fell in Love with Korea really, wonderful country! bit similar than Japan... Few best word to describe Korea is Lovely make up stores, super kind people and soo many Ikemen ;D haha!
I have loooots of pictures to share with you guys, but will start now with the street snaps I took of the fashionable people I pop in the shopping districts in Seoul.

This nerdy look a like style is really popular now.. Girls/Boys are wearing BIG Glasses, and sooooo many of the guys have this Korean Idol look a like hair style now.
They were a cute couple but a bit shy when I asked them for the picture xD
This backbag is so cute
This is Korean National costume called Hanbok, usually people wear it only in the wedding, but I saw quite many woman wearing Hanbok during my travel:
Met these girls wearing Hanbok near the Temple/Castle
And this super cute girl was also wearing Hanbok in the same place
You can quite often see a little bit older ladies wearing Hanbok in the streets

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  1. I like the smoking guy! He looks pretty cool, I think (but smoking is for sure not okay! Not healthy at all! ... but he still looks so cool @_@)

    And I kind of like the nerdy look on boys. So they look a bit shy... don't know... cute? Yeah, cute.

    I like the very cool boy and the nerdy boy too. So different but both special~


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