Monday, September 12, 2011

FIRE DRAGON DANCE in Mid Autumn Festival

Now there is a Festival called Mooncake festival. All the shops are full of chinese lanterns and people eat mooncakes and give them for present. There was a Fire Dragon dance held in Causeway bay yesterday. Funny festival.
These guys are making the Dragon ready for a Dance
There were so many people watching the festival and the Dragon was so Long!
Dragon is the one with those Burning sticks in it
I was wearing China dress haha
These Guys were carrying the Dragon
Head if the Dragon
Chinese Lanterns are important part of this festival
Young boy holding a Lantern
Here is my cute Bunny Lantern called Donkey, coz I first thought it was Donkey ^^;
In the festival areas there are big animal etc Lanterns


  1. Very nice photos! sure you had a good~~ ^^

    chu~! <3

  2. nice pictures~ looks always liek you had so much fun!!
    also the dress matches you very <3

  3. wow! this post made me so hungry!!!

  4. Wonderful lights and lanterns *____*
    Want to sea this so badly in real!
    And your cute bunny lantern! So lovely!


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