Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Rainy Days 

This summer has been really rainful in Hong Kong... Even though the wheather change many times in a one day.. I've take so much pictures of the rainy hong kong, so will share some of it now.

Anyway since there were many rainy days, I've had much time to spend home and watch movies..Actually It has become my hobby since the movies are just too cheap here in HK! Just counted how many movies I've bought in few months.. and the result was 30!! Shocking xDD But I'm so happy to be able to buy asian movies.. Usually I like to rent movies in Finland or Japan, but here the cheapest one I've bought is only 2 HK Dollar which is like 0,20 cent!!  I will recommend you now few great japanese movies I just happened to find in an DVD Shop!First in my rainy days I saw a movie called: My rainy days (Tenshi no koi) This is absolutely my type of movie! I love it.

Then next; movie is My darling is foreigner (ダーリングは外国人) It's a funny movie where japanese girl is dating american guy.

Well One of the Biggest reason Why I Love Japan is that it's a country of million inspiring stories and people. I love to watch Japanese movies.

The Homeless student ホームレスの中学生

Elementary school student (played by TEPPEI) has lost his mother and now the three siblings has no place to live anymore... So it's like their survival story. Very touching and makes the watcher to respect shower and food more!!

Air Doll 空気人形 

yeah, this is one of those weird stories...  For me Air Doll had many deep meanings about loneliness,(Tokyo loners) women position etc. Worth of Watch.

The Last Princess
Matsu Jun in this kind of role is just hilarious! Love! I'm happy my bf is so understanding we can watch these MatsuJun and Host movies together hehe.

 Waters ウォータズ
 Yes, this is the Host movie I mentioned above. Very entertaining comedy.

 Typical sad japanese movie. Makes cry.

Flowers フラワーズ
This was intresting, story of an six woman in different eras in Japan.

Okey I have much more and many movies and favourites, but if you have spare time really recommend to see these movies! :D

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  1. Oh, sounds like so many interesting movies!
    Wish this were available here. Will check that later at home (I'm again at my workplace... without work. Everybody is still in holiday, I think. I'm alone here at the moment. A bit scary... haha).

    The rain clouds almost reach the buildings... that looks really fantastic.


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