Thursday, September 29, 2011

Love Korea; ASOBU

You can find famous Idols All over commercials in Korea; Shop windows or any places promoting any Products... !! Even Restaurants menus have a pictures of some famous persons...
Few words to describe Korea; Late night shopping, you can go to cute small fashion shops even at 4 am in some districts! Spicy but delicious food; Kimchi (I can eat only most Less spicy foods though ;p )...

Places to Go In Seoul: 

Dongdaemun Market; shopping place with many cheap clothing halls or shopping centres.... You can find huge shopping malls full of with only Scarfs, hats, etc!! Nice shopping centre called Doota... Bit expensive but worth of visit! Then used book market... Many books, magazines etc...
Myeng Dong: Was definetly my favourite shopping area. Streets with full of Cosmetic stores and cheap clothes!! There were so many japanese tourists buying cosmetics... all the shop staff is able to speak japanese!
Honde: Area with famous Art University, many cute small shops full of nice clothes, bars and clubs, street performances.... Just Lovely place!

Yes NOW IS OUR TIME to make our dreams come true !
You can buy Ice cream this size!
Vintage store in HONDE
Art in Honde
We visited Seoul Flea market, but I can't really recommend the place.. nothing too intresting in there...
Inside DOOTA Shopping centre
We took also Korean purikura!! The Machine was all in korean and everything were written in Hangul so we had so much fun coz couldnt understand a word...
 Ever thought of plastic surgery?? You don't need to do it.. you can do everything with korean purikura machine: Change all of you... Eyes shape, face shape, nose, cheeks, everything!
I end up looking like an alien with this machine plastic surgery...
Migleore is fantastic shopping centre,, pretty cheap too
Nice yoghurt drink!
In the trains there are often guys selling some socks, toilet stuff or flash lights... It was surprising, but more surprising was that there  were actually old ladies selling super cute small bunnies in the train station!!Can this be leagal??
Cute Helo Kitty cafe in Honde
Met my lovely old school friends
We went to Karaoke
In the flea market there were many random not intresting stuff...
This place is called Namdaemun.. It was full of old ladies clothes etc...So I don't really recommend this place for shopping neither.. But the funny thing was all the market stuff (including many Ikemen hehe) Were happily shouting "Hi! and Hello ! Angel!! To me and my sis hehe
In Dongdaemun there were also an area selling all fabrics, laces etc... Nice, so all the designers or ppl who like making clothes should pay a visit in there! :D
 Unfortunately I had to leave Korea and return to Hong Kong since I now have a school in HK......

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Love Korea; Cultural part and YUMMY Food!

Lovely lovely loooovely Korea! I will try to make you hungry with this post;
It's easy to become millionaire with Korean money hehe since one euro is like 1000 Won :D
That cute Hello Kitty is actually Bus and Train Card, Like Suica in Japan :D
And next station would be??
Daerim station where I stayed!
cute cookies
Hangul Neon Lights
Korean chopsticks are metal and so flat
Yummy Dumblings
Korean sushi
Can't understand a word of this menu!
The wires remind of Tokyo
Obaachan selling something spicy on the street
Cat cafes mascot were in a hang over...
The guys behind me are happily showing peace to the camera lol
people sleeping in the train
Guardians in the Castle
Went to the temple near at my sisters school at the middle of the night... was so creepy...
cold noodles
Chicken filled with rice in the soup
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