Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oshare #1; New Home with an old Roomwear

Oh how I love japanese 100 yen shop! I'm so happy they have it here in Hong Kong as well! During this one year I've been moving many times from place to place. Just when I was suppose to settle down in Tokyo earthquake changed my plans...

Well since I'm not too rich at the moment, been hunting cute stuff from 100 yen shop to decorate the house more comfortable, here's what I've found from there;
close up pic from the curtain fabric
Since I'm living in China now, we have this chinese style posters all over the house. Makes nice atmosphere here.
And for Kitchen, new monkey plates and chopsticks, kawaii deshou? ^^
I've recently fal in love with these dryed grapes...
Cute Mirror
cute pen holder? from 100 yen shop as well.. They had even cute cake notes etc in there!
then we have this horrible old all BLUE toilet... I've tried my best to make it more cute cheaply with pink cute  100 yen Items...
And Pink Roomwear from Harajuku!


  1. Hih. Kiinaan asti pitää sitten lähteä syömään sun-maid rusinoita :D

  2. Cuuute! What a nice stuff! *__*
    And you look cute as always! I love your hair oon these pictures! ♥

  3. I love the 100 Shop, too! when I lived in Tokyo, it saved my life more than one time, lol.

    Hahaha, I have the same spoon from Cinnamonroll, together with the fork and cutlery box :)

  4. Nagareboshi: Thanks ^^

    Ni: hahaha no jooo.... voishan noita suomessa sohvan kulmallakin napostella :D

    ♥ Natalie: Thanks Natalie ^^

    Thanh Thao : Oh really :D hehe Yeah 100 yen shop has saved my life many times too <3

  5. The last pics are AMAZING! Why are you so cute?? *_*
    I love your hairstyle & makeup! Keep being like this! :P
    And good luck decorating your cute house! :D

  6. I wish we would have shops with such cute things here too! ^__^

    The last pics from you are very pretty.


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