Sunday, August 14, 2011

Little bit Swimming and Fishing in the Rock Island

Yesterday went to the place called Sai Kung. What a lovely city with many sea foods and fishers.... I love how Hong Kong has so many sides in it... I mean my image of Hong Kong is busy, big buildings and neon lights, million people etc... But in the other side you can find many small villages, beaches, sea, mountains and nature! So only for paying under 2 euro for Metro or bus, you can travel to tropical island look alike place from the busy centre!! Sounds good to me.
Many seafood
Coz it was sunday, we had lunch in Yamucha place...Hong Kong style, Yummy!
This is my favourite yamucha food.. Dunno what it's called actually xD But the yellow thing inside the bread? Is sweet!!
Fisher boat
well these people weren't actually fishing but collecting trashes away from the sea


  1. Waa, cute pictures!! I also love those little villages, I also love seefood ;)

  2. ( ; 3 ;) OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The beach!!! i liked uwu pretty exelents pictures i liked so much :D <3 Amazings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  3. Thanh Thao: Thanks! yeah it's so nice to go there for relaxaing after spending days in a busy city!

    Pat Hannibal Cosplay: Thanks :D The beach was so nice!

  4. Wow, the sea pics are so amazing! Wonderful water... ah, it just looks like real holiday *__*


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