Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Impulse Buy One Piece

While my sister was in HK, we bought together matching one pieces from a cheap store in the street... She bought Blue version and I pink one... Unfortunately we didn't wear them together in the end.. The dress was very cheap just around 50 HK dollr (5 euro) But we couldn't try the dresses in the store.. so trying it in home we noticed it's a way too short for a tall westerns =_= well.. should wear something under it for going out... anyway here is few pictures of the dress:


  1. Uh~ such a great purchase! The dress is very cute and the color suits you! <3
    I´m sure you had a great time with your sister!

  2. Super linda, amei o seu look flor, super boneka(:
    Beijos ;*

  3. cute photos i love your dress >3<

  4. Hyenaurun: Thanks ^^ hehe yeah we had super nice time!!

    Karla rosalia: Thank you!!^^

    ((*natsi*)): thanks, hehe I start to like it as well even it's really too short T_T

  5. Ohhhh! So cute pictures! The dress looks wonderful on you~
    As I said often before... red is your color! So the red parts of the dress and the cute ribbon... amazingly cute and pretty!

  6. super cute!!i love your hairstyle n your dress!^^


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