Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chinese Ghost Festival

Starting from today there will be Ghost month... The belief goes like that hell's gate opens and the ghosts including ancestors will be visiting their living family... So people go to temples and  pray and bring food there much. We went to see few cool big chinese temple, and it was so growded in there...
This is the burning things ppl buy and bring to the temple for their relatives who has passed away
Todays fashion coordinate, second hand one piece, selfmade jewellery, tutuanna socks, hk ribons


  1. Wooow, beautiful temples! They look so awesome! ♥
    And you look so cute! :D

  2. Really beautiful pictures! ♥
    Love the one with the airplane somehow.

  3. All the pictures are really pretty~ and you look super cute! :D <3 looks like you had a great time :)

  4. love all of your pictures always~
    i really think china looks so colourful and bright!
    especially their temples!
    i really want to go there someday, just because of your pictures make me so curious!
    i also think you are really cute-like a small doll♥

  5. ( ; 3 ; ) OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~
    TOT i liked your pictures~ ♥
    Exelente pretty i like your travel
    in china~ u/////////u i liked soo much!!!~
    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  6. Pretty pics of you~

    The temple is so colorful and pretty. It's amazing. Want to see all that in real~


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