Tuesday, July 26, 2011

With all My Heart to Japan

Today I bought charity t-shirt from UNIQLO to support March 11th Catastrophe in Japan.They Have a nice collection of t-shirts designed by famous people like Lady Gaga or Nicole Kidman. Take a Look at here:
I became very good mood by doing even little bit something for helping Japan to recover. Even many people seems to be forgetting or not giving thoughts to the catastrophe or the victims anymore,(since many people are not involved with it.. or not too much intrested in Japan) Japan is still on the way to recovering... all kind of Help is Still needed!

Today I read a news that Santa claus from Finland visited the catastrophe victim childrens living in an shelters, to cheer them up and giving early christmas presents. It was organized by the japanese mothers living in Finland. I was touched by it.


  1. it looks very cute on you! and what a great way to help, I wanted the pray for Japan ballers D:

  2. Awww, really cute shirt! ♥


  3. Saving Capulet: Thanks ^^ Yeah, it's pretty good way to help, when I saw these t-shirts as first Didn't even need to think just grab the cutest one and bought xD

    ♥ Natalie: Thanks ^^

    Tommy: Yeah, Uniqlo has so many cute t-shirts !!! <3

  4. That's really good from you.
    Some artist made CDs to help Japan. So I ordered some charity CDs. Innocent World made an Charity Set, I also bought that and some other little things.
    Even if someone has not so much money. There is always a little thing, that he/she can do.


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