Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today's Coordinate; Babydoll collar sweater, Polka skirt etc!


  1. awwww~ you are so thin ;o; I wanna be too^^ you look great *-*

  2. OMG!!~ CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( * O *)/ <3 SOO PRETTY!!~ >W<

  3. Your outfit is sooo cute, I really love the red shirt! It's inspiring and also office suitable!!!

  4. soooo cute ! u r very slim .. i envy you so much!

  5. you look so so pretty!! I just adore your bow and that blouse is exquisiteness on you!

  6. Your outfits are always adorable!! You look so cute <3

  7. Your bf is a great camera man and you're a perfect model!!! :)
    I like that ribbon! I think I saw it (or a similar one) in H&M! You look so nice with it ;D

  8. Like it !!! j'adore tes articles et tes look ! <3


  9. Shou-chan: hehe Thanks :D I'm not really thin though, just average ^^;

    Pat Hannibal Cosplay: Thank you~<3 <3

    Thanh Thao: Thank you for always commenting my blog <3 Couldn't enter today urs btw whats going on with blogger..:O

    Chii: Thank you, I'm not very slim though hehe ^^;

    Saving Capulet: Thank you~<3

    Jessica-Marie: Thank you so much ^^*

    Jendee: Thanks Jendee <3 <3

    Mikirin~☆ : haha thanks, guess I have to still improve as a model though :D you've probably saw it in HM,, oh I think it was from the childrens accesories ^^;

    Elegance Nancy: Thank you <3 <3

  10. As I said before: You can wear red so perfect. It looks amazing on you. The outfit all together is just perfect.
    I love the skirt and the collar is... just perfect too.
    Amazing combination! Really!


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