Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Okonomiyaki... Ops wait, Ramen Girl

I've seen this movie called Ramen girl once before.. (maybe last summer) But for a long time, I decided to watch it again. And this time, it Touched me so much and Deep. The movie is little bit silly.. But I can understand it totally. I can identify with the main character perfectly...Almost the same thing than in the movie beginning happened to me when I first decided to move to Tokyo... Then I started to work in an japanese restaurant; Making Okonomiyaki, yakisoba etc almost for an year...... though my teacher was a bit more kind than this sensei in the movie :D I can regonize all of the movie characters from the people I've met in Tokyo...Especially this red haired hostess lady reminds me of many western ladies i've met and talked with.

At the moment I'm in the same situation than Abby, wondering What in the world I'm gonna do with my life now... So perhaps for the reason I can identify her feelings so perfectly.

Here is my first Masterpiece of Okonomiyaki
I highly Recommend The Ramen Girl Movie for all the Japan Lovers, and Komatteru people.
Hope Me and the People in the same situation can find our "Tamashi" soon.

See the Movie Trailer here;


  1. ^^ lol the ramen girl ! I've never heard about this movie ! it looks funny and interessting ! I guess I'll watch it ! thank you Kata !

    By the way, I Like your blog ! When I've time I look it ! ^__^

    Melanie from ISI Tokyo school (hope you remember about me ^^" )

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Melanie: Ofcourse I remember you ^^ So hisashiburi! haha yes nobody seems to know about this movie, I just found it randomly too :D but it's funny, you better see it ^^
    Do you have plans to go back to Tokyo? Hope we can meet there again ^^

    eimi.desu:hehe,Thank you! it's just exctension to added my own hair ^^ I will check out your blog ^^

  4. Sounds like an interesting movie. I will check, if it's availiable here~


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