Monday, July 18, 2011

New Lashes!!

Yesterday I went to see Harry Potter with my two new friends! I've waited so long to know how the story ends.. Coz I'm too lazy to read the books, only saw the movies... Anyway it was exciting movie :D And so happy to have new friends in this big busy city. All people around me speaks japanese, so I kind of feel like home here in Hong Kong.

Anyway, bought this false lashes yesterday from Jill Stuart! I love this brand really, escpecially the cosmetic products.. everything is so cute!

This brown pair of lashes were sold out almost in every store I visied around HK
And also I don't feel like wearing hair exctensions every day, even my own hair is pretty long but it's so thin and less......... so todays natural look inspired by new Popteen;

Isn't she cute!!


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  2. Oohh, brown eyelashes really look softer than black ones, I like that! Do you know any other brands that sell brown eyelashes?

  3. nice lashes :) if im wearing it i like them with a bit more volume tho'^^ i love espc ardell, elise and red cherry :)

  4. Those lashes look exactly the same as Dolly Wink no.1 if you cut the outer 2 hairs off.

  5. awww what a super cute hairstyle!! and those lashes are just fantastic!

  6. You look very nice! :D
    And pleeease, for your sake, do read Harry Potter books! They're AMAZING! You won't stop reading once you start!! ;)

  7. Awwww! Cute hair! It looks so great! ♥♥♥
    And I really love those lashes, you look great with them! (:

  8. The hairstyle is super cute! <3 And I also like these lashes. I have never seen Jill Stuart make-up before, but I like the shopping bags! XD

  9. Her Ugliness: Yeah, I used brown one first time and think it's nice. I just saw in some japanese magazine(sry can't remember which one T_T)commercial where were many brownlashes..guess some of the gyaru eyelash brands has them now on sale..

    delirium: Yeah sometimes I prefer more volume look as well ^^ Oh I didn't know about those brands, just searched online, looks nice thanks :D

    Anonymous: Oh, you are right!! :D

    Gellie Abogado: hehe yes, Jill Stuart has everything cute :D I would buy these lashes almost only coz the box it's cute itself :D

    Saving Capulet: Thanks :D Outside I was called hello kitty by a passerby so guess the hair style has some similarity with hello kittys ears or smth lol

    Mikirin~☆ : Thanks ^^ Guess you are right, I should really read the books!! Everybody says the Harry Potter books are better than the movie :D

    ♥ Natalie: Thank you ^^ Really Love Jill Stuarts lashes and everything!

    Hyenaurun:Thanks <3 It's a japanese brand I'm not sure in which countries it's possible to buy their products, but yeah the shopping bags so cuuuute <3

  10. good lashes! Jill stuart's packaging is always so cute :D

  11. I love the hairstyle! It really looks cute on you. ♥

  12. Hello my name is Charlotte. I'm just blogwalking and your blog look so adorable. I love the lashes (I always have trouble putting on fake eyelashes though lolz). Please visit me sometime too ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  13. cominica-ai: Yeah always so cute <3

    lovepirate: Thanks^^

    ~KawaiiParadise~: Hi, nice to meet you Charlotte <3 Thanks for visiting my blog ^^

    LOVEチュー :ありがとう!!

  14. The lashes look so soft and nice. Not too much... it's perfect!
    I bought brown lashes some time ago... but I haven't used them till now.


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