Monday, July 25, 2011

Little Fisher Village Lei Yue Mun PART1

"Hong Kongs Version of Hakone" Was my first comment after seeing the red gate in the harbour... Walking a bit more deep to the village; "Hong Kongs Tsukiji!" (the big fish market in Tokyo) was my second comment... No matter what Japan is always in my mind, in my thoughts in my prayers, everywhere.
Anyway, I fell in Love with this small fisher village called Lei Yue Mun with hunreds of stories people can feel walking around the small streets with the beautiful sea sight.I have too many pictures from the trip, so make this post in two parts ^^;

Lei yue mun is near this station
Beach with full of pieces of glass
There was a wish tree, old story tells that girl who was in an desperate situation went and prayed under that tree, and from then on her life became very happy and full of good fortune... So we made our wishes under the tree as well
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1 comment:

  1. Just amazing. So different and interesting.

    The post box is so full! It's a pretty picture.

    Hope the wishes you made under that wish tree will become truth.


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