Friday, July 15, 2011

Lace Boom!

I've been shopping and spending too much money Lately ^^;v ... So here's few Lace blouse I bought;

 Also I have two new japanese brands I've fallen in Love with.. They just opened the stores in Harbour city in TST Hong Kong... So I went to see their sales... (but even with sales I can't relly afford these brands) But super cute!! This is the reason I Love Japan!
 Offical Homepage of Snidel, go see how cute everything is!!

 Another Brand is Gelato Pique! Super Gorgeous Cute and Lovely fabrics for room wear!!!
Aki Hoshino also loves this brand


  1. Oh wow, love the 2nd vest ♥♥♥ cute photos!

  2. Nice pieces,you look so lovely with them!

  3. Awwwwwwwww ♥ Very pretty ( ° 3°)/ I liked ( > w <)

  4. gaah i want the hoodie stripey thingy and you are just too adorable!!

  5. Mutsumi: Thank you <3

    MissVermilion: Thank you <3 Just I couldn't decide which one I wanted to buy from these lace things,so bought all of them :D

    Pat Hannibal Cosplay: Thanks ^^

    Saving Capulet: Thanks ^^ hehe I want it too <3

  6. The vest is really pretty. And I think you can combine it with a lot of clothes!


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