Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jelly Time

 Near the place I live there is a book store selling used japanese magazines and books... So bought today, Jelly, Popteen and Egg!! Yatta! I love japanese magazines... well I were bit too inspired by the lovely Jelly (May 2011) So we had a small photo shoot in home hehe.


  1. (*o* ) Pretty & Beautiful~ OMG!! Exelent photos!! i liked soo much!! <3

  2. You're a perfect model !!!!!!!!!!
    Your face and expressions are just amazing!
    Actually I prefer this hair style for you! ^^

  3. you look soo pretty!!!
    how beautiful im envy :((((

    btw dear, please re-follow my blog, I've changed my blog url and you need to re-follow to see my updated post :(


  4. Pat Hannibal Cosplay : Thank you so much ^^

    Thanh Thao:Thanks <3 <3

    Minna :Thank you~<3

    Mikirin~☆:Thanks for your sweet comment ^^ I think I'm far from a good model though xD

    cominica-ai: Thanks ^^ Now re-followed your cute blog <3


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