Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hong Kong Style Cosplay (Picture heavy)

Last Friday I went to Hong kongs Anime&Game exhibition!! It was pretty fun, but the Hall were quite small, and I didn't find anything to buy even though they were selling much manga, anime, soft toys, games, cosplay stuff etc.. Anyway I didn't cosplay (I wanted to,, but would be weird to go the kind of place alone and cosplay) instead of that my outfit was inspired by  Death Notes Misa misa. There were super many Otaku camera men (ofcourse ;p) and after all people thought I cosplayed, so I couldn't avoid them. =_=;

Maids were working in the cashier of one Manga place
It's not so that only childrens love these things... SO many adult guys were so excited by these toy machines
Yay, found one western cosplayer!
So Cute!!


  1. Ah...I LOVE Anime/Manga events ♥♥
    Arale!!! So many great photos ♥♥ thanks for sharing!

  2. thank you for sharing the cute photos! i love love your look, too cute!! and the vocaloid cosplayers are amazing!

  3. How many pics! They were very nice and full of colours. I like your blog, I'm a new follower! :)

  4. Mutsumi: Yes, this kind of events are so much fun! ^^ And many great cosplayers!

    ((*natsi*)): Yup very nice event ^^

    Saving Capulet: Thanks <3 Yeah the vocaloid cosplayers are super cute!!

    RamblinRose: Thank you for following my blog <3 <3! Haha yes too many pictures, so glad if you liked it ^^


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