Friday, July 22, 2011

Hong Kong Book Exhibition

Today went to the book exhibition . It was so much fun!! So many chinese books though, I could find few japanese ones too! ^^

Waited my bf from work in the harbour to get to the Exhibition centre
Many nice books in chinese
This is what I'm living now; Sweet life in Hong Kong :D
people reading manga
Japanese magazines in chinese (luckily some places had it in japanese as well)
Many Korean Idol Magazines ;)
Yes, I like!
Todays Outfit
Big comfortable Food court
Many cute stores selling other stuff than books too
Kawaii Deshou
Found something from Finland as well; Moomin!
Wide area of Budha source
It makes sense lol
Had Cotton Candy! Didn't have it in ages!

Night View
Found this Cute Hong Kong character Fatina again!
My Shoppings; Two japanese magazines with the presents and japanese studing book for JLPT2
So Happy to get this cute Hairban homey thingy with the magazine!


  1. wow this was an amazing post, jam packed with pictures that make me very jealous. i really want to visit japan.

  2. Oh for god I am charmed with me your trip and the photos you went to many nice places awwwwwwww that he envies and spent it to yourself very well:D many ^o makes me happy ^o^ <3 I am charmed with me and your you work out very handsome as always:3 <3

  3. oh wow! What a wonderful make me travel with fantasy! Tnx!

  4. Thank you for your comments <3 <3 <3 ^^

  5. It was for sure super interesting there. Looks really like a nice day.

    (+ cute Fatina again *_*)


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