Monday, July 11, 2011

Eating.....!! and Eating some more Day

Today I was invited for these two restaurants by my friend, who works as a journalist in an one japanese magazine. So he were doing an article about some restaurants, and I could join and eat free there too! Was so much fun!! And more than that, delicious food ;) I learned some new cantonese words as well :D

Meeting place at Times square
Waited my friend for an while
Times square
The First restaurant was called Madam Sixty Ate... Highly recommend this restaurat.. It's maybe little bit expensive, but super delicious. I barely get change to eat in this kind of restaurants so I enjoyed very much ^^
My friend doing his job
The Menu was cute
another page of the Menu
Another friend join us too.
Yummy desert
Then the next restaurant was chinese style; We were already so full,,
but did our best to eat in the next place too xD
The wheather was rainy and cloudy
Then after eating in an two restaurants I met my bf.. and his friend invited us to have an dinner xD haha I was too full but joined only for drink...
After that we still went to cafe...
They had super delicious Mint chocolate


  1. It LOOK all so delicious!!!

  2. Nice ^^


  3. Awesome pictures!! And you look beautiful as ever! <3

  4. Debora: hehe yeah that what it was :D

    Tom: Thanks ;D Will you visit me here?? I know some nice bars!!

    Thanh Thao: Thank you <3 <3 <3

  5. aw this food looks deliciouuus!!

  6. omoo you are so pretty, i wonder how you do your eye make up, maybe a tutorial some time hihih :3 foodie looks delish by the way!

  7. OMG *___**
    You're so lucky... the food looks increadible delicious!

    Lunch is only an hour or so ago... and I could eat again because of this pictures *__*
    So yummy!


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