Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chinese Shabu shabu

 I will try to make you hungry now :D Anyway chinese shabu shabu is pretty similar than japanese one.. There's a boiling soups in the table where you cook the meat, vegtables, fish balls etc
This is the bamboo juice
In chinese restaurants you can find this kind of things often...
 Then I've been wondering around much taking photoes and looking for a cute stores lately.. There's a few pictures from the way.
Sogo sells everything japanese, brands, foods, magazines... (They have even Liz Lisa ^^)
The kind of small thing in the street protecting the store or restaurant in front of it..
Dried mango! So yummy!
In the streets of Hong Kong you can often see super Tall (even I feel too short when I pass by them) and Beautiful girls who are models for sure!!
Harry Potter things and train is gone from the Times square now

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